Whisky is loved all around the world and it is no doubt because of its array of notes and flavours, versatility and variety and most importantly, perfect for any occasion. Today we are diving into the three ways you can enjoy your new bottle of whisky and the difference experiences that come with each method:

1. Neat

Two Clear Rock Glasses

Liquor served on its own to experience the full impact of it. Often served at room temperature to enjoy all its fiery nuances. Best when only enjoying just one bottle because your taste buds may burn out after a glass or two when served neat. 

2. Ice/On the rocks

Three Cocktail Drinks

Ice is mainly used to chill drinks, but it can also enhance the flavours and aromas when used with the right spirit. However, this is not a popular method by frequent whisky drinkers due to the fact that ice can often add more water to the malt than intended. But if you still enjoy your whisky on the rocks, it is highly recommended to use filtered water and ice with a large surface area to make sure that your drink stays perfect. 

3. Splash of water

Jack Daniel-printed Drinking Glass

Mainly used when the alcohol content is high and can often be referred from the cask strength. This methods lowers the impact of the alcohol on your palate to and it is highly recommended to not cross the 1:1 threshold of whisky to water to preserve the characteristics of the malt. 

Which of these do you think is the best way to enjoy your drink? Don't forget to pick up a bottle in stores or at our online store and enjoy it your favourite way!