Artisans Of Barossa

Artisans Of Barossa

Artisans Of Barossa Grenache Project 2018

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6 great wines, made by 6 great winemakers - Hobbs of Barossa Ranges, John Duval Wines, Massena, Sons of Eden, Schwarz Wine Company & Spinifex Wines, all from a single vineyard. The rules were simple, two rows of bush vines, and the freedom to make a wine that will not only taste great, but something they would personally drink. The Grenache Project was born! The 2017 vintage was sold out within 6 weeks! With the 2018 vintage, expect unique flavours which are influenced by different styles of wine making from each winemaker, showing off not only the versatility of the Grenache grape, but also the various styles of Barossa small batch wine making. 2018 was also considered a particularly standout year for Barossa red wines!

A great addition to any gathering among friends and family, we suggest taking a journey into a world of flavours with a mini tasting session, tackling each wine and picking out the flavours on how the influence and styles of wine making can bring out a grape’s many hidden flavours, definitely a fascinating experience, one everyone will enjoy!

Suggested order of tasting from lightest to boldest taste:
1. Schwarz
2. Schell
3. Ryan / Cowham
4. Duval
5. Hobbs
6. Collins

*Vintage: 2018

*This product comes in a set of 6 bottles.