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    Country of Origin

    Grape Varietal

    Tasting Notes  
    Nose:  Beautiful, fresh fruit blossom scents suggest a bright wine picked on freshness more than ripeness.

    Palate:  The palate has a creaminess, a small nod to a warmer vintage, but those delicate clear white peach and citrus fruit notes remain..

    Food Pairing 
    Can be paired with Chicken and Turkey.


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    Grape Varietal

    60% Grenache Blanc, 40% Viognier

    Tasting Notes

    A lovely nose of peaches and pears with delicate anise overtones. Delicious on the palate with lovely fat, beautiful freshness and long-lingering aromas.

    Serving and food pairings

    Serve between 12 and 14 degrees, not too cold, to enable the aromas to come through. Enjoy with a fish terrine, salmon tartare seasoned fish or even a mid-dry goat's cheese.


    Sold by Bottles and Bottles Singapore. Want to pick this up in stores? Locate an outlet closest to you!